Meet Us!

Child of Liberty Band

Child of Liberty Band has its roots in contemporary Christian music, jazz and rock. Singer/songwriter Anne Kellogg Ciepluch joins with husband and bassist David Ciepluch, drummer David Ruetz and keyboard player Steve Fulton to produce a diverse collection of original Christian tunes.  Their Godly passion and broad musical experience fuse a love of Jesus Christ with a listening experience unique to the Christian music scene.

Child of Liberty is the first project by band songwriter Anne.  It grew out of the folk rock genre, drawing stylistically from such long time favorites as Michael Card, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Jerry Williams Harvest.  From the driving song Stem of Jesse to the soulful Lord I Thank You to the classic worship ballad Cedar in Lebanon, Ms. Ciepluch weaves scripture and life experience into lyrical, singable expressions of love and life with the Lord.  Recorded at Gaither and ZooWest Studios in Indiana, producer Steve Millikan once again hits a home run as he brings out the best in this singer/songwriter.

Child of Liberty Band's newest project, One More Time(Peter Fulton, Recording Engineer; Tom Hooper, Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer) has just been released!  Tinged with elements of jazz, soul and Christian contemporary, it will at times comfort and at times challenge the listener in their walk with the Lord.  If you are looking for a different sound as you give glory to God, you will want to check this out!