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Welcome to the Child of Liberty Band home page!  We are excited to have you join us! 

We are so happy to welcome esteemed pastor and professor Dr. John Mackett to our web home.  His insights have blessed and guided people for 30 years and  we are honored to have him as part of our team, glorifying the Lord with his gifts!  Check out his series, "From the Heart", as a source of guidance and encouragement.

We are regular people who are lucky enough to have come to know Jesus Christ.  We discovered that God loves us just the way we are.  We hope that what you see and hear on this website will reveal to you that Jesus loves you too,                                   because we know that He does!

We are very aware that we only have so much time on this earth and we are committed that with everything we've got, including our music, we will 

MAXIMIZE THE TIME we have, and MULTIPLY THE IMPACT of those gifts He gives us,

to the glory of God!

Anne Ciepluch, David Ciepluch, Dave Ruetz, Steve Fulton & Tom Hooper

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